English alphabet with transcription for children – vowels and consonants.

Uppercase and lowercase letters.

There are 26 letters in English: 20 consonants and 6 vowels.

Alphabet with transcription:

A a [ei] B b [bi:] C c [ci:] D d [di:]
E e [i:] F f [ef] G g [ʤi:] H h [eiʧ]
I i [ai] J j [ʤei] K k [kei] L l [el]
M m [em] N n [en] O o [ou] P p [pi:]
Q q [kju:] R r [a:] S s [es] T t [ti:]
U u [ju:] V v [vi:] W w [‘dablju:]
X x [eks] Y y [wai] Z z [zed]